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Cards Only

All payments are touchless. Please note that I am unable to process cash and check payments during this time.


Riding Solo

No extra guests such as children, significant others, friends, etc.


Feeling Unwell?

If you are sick, I will kindly reschedule your appointment until you are feeling better and successfully quarantined for the recommended 14 day period. 

mask copy.png

Wear a Mask


Wait in your Car


Wash your Hands

Our nearest bathroom is on the west side of our lobby or I will administer hand sanitizer when you walk in.

Due to a global pandemic and increasing cases in Arizona of COVID-19, it is extremely important to take extra precautions to minimize transmission.

Masks are mandatory to wear during your service. No mask, no service. 

The waiting area is no longer available. I will text you when it is okay to come in.

  • All stylist stations are more than 6 feet away from each other

  • Double booking is no longer allowed to minimize the number of guests in the salon

  • Hand sanitizer is available at my station for you and myself to use during the duration of your appointment 

What am I doing?

Since I love hanging out with my guests and care about your wellbeing,  here are some things that I'll be doing to give you a peace of mind. 

  • There will be fewer than 10 people in the salon at all times.

  • Station and shampoo bowls will be sanitized after every client.

  • All instruments that are used (combs, brushes, clips, etc.) will immediately be discarded to be sanitized at the end of my day.

  • There's a 15 to 30 minute window between each client to take necessary cleaning measures 

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