What happens when you combine an alternative version of Chrissy Teigen, witty humor like Aly Wong, and the intense  passion for hair? You get me!

Hi! I'm Abby Jane

 I would be so honored to do your hair. 

Did you know I was inspired to do hair after I had colored mine red and gave myself a mullet at the age of 13? My infatuation with hair started promptly from there! 2014 is when I first started in the hair industry. I completed an intensive apprenticeship that included coveted education by Bumble & Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, and Wella Color. I am constantly educating myself with the newest hair trends and modern techniques, so my guests are under no circumstances out of style. 



My innovative approach to hair is straightforward. I love collaborating with all my clients to develop a suitable look for their lifestyle. Every appointment is carefully curated and personalized for each client. I strive to properly inform all my guests every key step and precise detail of what is happening during their service. From the intensive consultation to the blow-dry style, my guests and I always have a wonderful time. I promise you’ll be laughing your butt off the whole time because I’m essentially an "aspiring comedian" as well.



When I’m not at the salon, I can be found cuddling with my Corgi furbaby, at metal shows or any vegan restaurant around the local Phoenix area. I genuinely enjoy practicing hot yoga, cooking, and weight training. My horoscope is an Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon and Aries Rising and if you are familiar with Myers-Briggs, then I am an ENFP aka the "Campaigner" personality type. Anyways, enough about me! 

I cannot wait to meet you, love!
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